Adult dogs available

Seeking an active performance home for our boy.

‘Zabba’ (CH Element’s Abba Zabba RN, CA, CGCA) Zabba has a great foundation in obedience and with a refresher could be ready for a CD or more advanced rally. He has an excellent foundation for herding and is kind to livestock. He would love to go on and play with sheep. He has a leg in French herding and would like to continue in that Venue.

He would like to be a solo dog, but could live with a pushy bit€h. He likes to be the top dog, and can be a bully to softer dogs at home.

He is neutered, OFA good/normal elbows, Embark profiled.

Seeking a very active performance home for this boy. He’s a dog that wants to do things but he isn’t over the top for drive, he works well for food & toys but mostly praise as he lives to please his human. He has a decent off switch and is easy to manage in the house. Whisper quiet in a crate and a good traveler. Excellent guard dog of house and car. Super clean dog and an easy keeper. His ideal handler is someone with a strong temperament, that will give him a structured lifestyle. He likes to be told what to do so he’s correct. I use NILF with him and he thrives with this philosophy. Malinois experience is preferred but working dog experience will be considered.

Would love him to stay on the west coast, but willing to have him travel for the right person.

For more information please contact me herdingmalinois (at)

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