The Girls

GCH A Living Fire Original Sin RATI, RATN, CGCU, TKN, WPA “Wicked”

BOSS, GCH Element’s Eye Candy PT “Fox”

Element’s Neon Noir PT, CGC, TKN, VHMA, VSWB, AKC pt’d “Neon”

Lonerock & StarBright’s I’ve Waited For You “Time”

Blackrock’s Bird on a Wire at Element “Wren”


Tbears Hope Floats Turick PT, FSIS, AKC pt’d “Hope”

Co-owned Girls

Multiple Group Placing, Multiple BOSS, National Specialty AOM, Westminster BOS, NOHS Bronze, GCH Element’s Exploding Wildfire at Sundown CD, BN, RN, HSAs, HSCs, HSDs, ACT1, FSXS, CGCA, CGCU, TKA, RATI, CTL-1F/H, PKQT1-COVID, PKD-T, PMC-VCH “Twyla” (co-owned with Mallory Eckstut)

Element’s Rhinestone Cowgirl SCN, SIN, CGC, TKN, ORT, PN, URO-I, HCT, NW1, AKC pt’d “Diamond” (co-owned with Joanne Kuchinski)

Element’s Down by the Water “Creek” (co-owned with Joy Reed)

Retired girls

 BISS, AOM, GCH Roulets Trew Ewe Move Me RA, HSAs, OA, OAJ, OF, BH, AD, CGC, TN-O, NAC, NJC, NG-N, NCC “Brook”

Group Placing, BISS, BOSS, GCH Element’s Murder She Wrote PT, JHD, CGC “Drama”

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