Lonerock & Starbright’s I’ve waited for you

Since I got into Belgians, I have always admired the Belgian Laekenois variety. I have owned the Belgian sheepdog, and of course the Malinois, but I was always drawn to the fuzzy variety. I was on several lists for a puppy over the years that just didn’t work out. As I have changed my focus in my malinois program to mainly herding, I wanted to also have a fuzzy that could herd. This made my search all the more harder. As the Laekenois is the rarest of the Belgians, only a handful of litters are born in the United States per year.

I had met Times mom a couple times and she had a lovely temperament. She also has dabbled in herding and has a natural rate on stock, something hard to find. I decided to sign myself up for a litter from her with not a whole lot of faith as I had been on lists before. But, happy to say it worked out this ‘Time’. My lovey bouncy sweet girl came to spice up life here at Barking Bird Farms.

Main goals will be perforce and herding with her. I’ll get around to showing her at some point, not in a bit rush with this one.

Belgian Laekenois are certainly a different dog then a malinois. I often here on forums that they have ‘less drive’ then malinois. I can certainly say that is not true, she keeps me on my toes!

Pedigree– OFA – Embark

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