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Please read this first: Puppy Info. Then, read this: Shipping Info.

Then, fill out our questionnaire, and I will then set up a time for a phone interview.

Due: Late January 2023

Co-bred with Mallory Eckstut


Herding HIT, CH Element’s Trew Ice Age HSAs, STDs, JHD, HTAD I-s



Multiple Group Placing, Multiple BOSS, National Specialty AOM, Westminster BOS, NOHS Bronze, GCH Element’s Exploding Wildfire at Sundown CD, BN, RN, HSAs, HSCs, HSDs, ACT1, FSXS, CGCA, CGCU, TKA, RATI, CTL-1F/H, PKQT1-COVID, PKD-T, PMC-VCH

Sid (O’Neill x Cami) is from the Ice litter. Sid has O’Neill’s herding talent, with Cami’s over the top enthusiastic view of life. He is stable and just a really great dog to be around. Sid is a pushy, in your face kinda dog who absolutely loves his people. He is best described as intense, motivated, and a good dog. This will be his first litter at Element, but Sid has previously sired 3 other litters with other kennels, and the pups have been successful in various AKC sports and conformation, including a Westminster Best of Breed winner.

Twyla (Ruger x Hottie) is from the Game of Thrones litter. She is a biddable, social, easy to live with, herding fool who has also been successful in conformation. She is the first Belgian Malinois to title and win High in Trial in the BSCA French style herding program, which is recognized by AKC, and works regularly as a farm chore dog. She recently earned her C and D course started titles in AKC, and will soon be starting in advanced to work toward her AKC herding championship. Pups from Twy’s previous litter (the Retro litter) are already successfully competing and titling in scent work, conformation, rally, obedience, barn hunt, and herding.

We are anticipating pups with strong herding aptitude as well as performance and conformation potential. All are spoken for at this time, but if you are interested in learning more and being considered if any become available, please shoot us a message. Priority will be given to herding and performance homes.

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