BOSS, GCH Element’s Eye Candy PT


What can I say about Fox? You have those special dogs that come into your life, some people call them heart dogs, soul mates, whatever. Fox told me at 4 week old she wasn’t going anywhere. I couldn’t deny her.

She really is the best of her parents, dramas structure and Rugers beautiful breed type. I just love showing this dog, she floats around the ring.

You will notice her coat curls, genetically she is a Laekenois born from two malinois. The Belgian Shepherd dog is one breed with 4 coat varieties. Many Belgians carry the genetics for other varieties just under the surface. It is a shame that in the United States they are separated as separate ‘breeds’. As for now, she’s a malinois with some extra fuzz 😂

PedigreeOFA– Embark


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