GCH A Living Fire Original Sin RATI RATN CGCU TKN WPA

‘Wicked’ aka Camo pup. Wicked was bred by Tiffany Dennis of A Living Fire K9. Tiffany leased my Cami to breed to her ‘Scout’ (Beoaodh A Living Fire Scout FR2 (FR1 AM. VICE CHAMPION), MR1, PSA1, SCH BH , AKC-HT, PT, CGC,CDX, TT)

Tiff and I joke around that it was a ‘Hail Mary’ litter as Scout was 10 year old and never bred, and Cami was 9 year old. This was a litter we had discussed for years, we could just not make the timing happen. Cami came off the TV detectives litter and was in great shape, so we gave it a try. Surprise!

Although I had not had a pure working line puppy in a few years, I was pleased as punch to have a pup from this combo. Wicked is naughty and full of fun.

Wicked has had one litter (the Colorful Litter) with Ruger (Group Winning, BISS, OHBIS, AOM, GCHB De Vel Judgement Day PT, CA, RATN, TKN, CGCA, HOF) and one litter (the Outback Litter) with Creed (Multiple Group Placing, GCHB Element’s These Colors Never Run At Everest PT, RN, CGCA, CGCU, TKI).

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