Colorful Litter

The colorful litter includes two litters that were born relatively close together: a Ruger x Drama singleton (born 11/5/2018) and Ruger x Wicked puppies (2 males, 7 females; born 11/13/2018).

Ruger x Drama:

Multiple Group Placing, GCHB Element’s These Colors Never Run at Everest RN, PT, CGCA, CGCU, TKI “Creed”

Ruger x Wicked:

Element’s Wicked Silver Daemon RN, ACT1, DN, RATO, CGC, TKN, ETD, STAR, WPA, Mondio Brevet “Pantalaimon”

DockDogs Big Air-Novice Champion Element’s Moonglow of Zenovia “Zen”

Element’s Light of the Silvery Moon CGCA, CGCU, TKN, ATT, BH “Blitz”

Element’s Purple Rain at Creekside BN, DCAT, SCN, SEN, DM, CGCA, CGCU, DSA, AS, HDS “Raven”

Element’s Golden Labyrinth, AKC major pt’d “Maze”

Element’s Green Eyed Monster “Envy”

Element’s Golden Halo “Halo”

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