Element’s One for the Money, CGC, 8 AKC points

My Darling Cat.

Cat was not the pick bitch in her litter, but I kept her back because she was everything I wanted out of the combo of her parents Ace and Cami. I just adored her temperament.

I had big hopes for her, and we were an awesome obedience team.

In early 2014, Cat and Rush escaped my fence, and they both were hit by a Speeding Truck. It was touch and go if she would live or not, I had to do mouth to mouth and CPR to restart her heart as we raced to the vet.  Months of recovery and 6 months in a neck brace, it was a long hard recovery for my girl. Fast forward over a year, and Cat was my miracle girl, she made a full recovery! Unfortunately her pelvis was fused, and although she is completely sound, I do not feel like asking her to do sports was fair for her. She would have done anything I asked of her.

I had the opertunity to place Cat to be a service dog for someone else, and although it was one of the hardest things I have ever done, I knew it was the right job for her. She is an outstanding working dog, and I love getting updates on her new life. ❤️


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