"Winter is Coming" Game of Thrones Litter

Group Winning, BISS, OHBIS, National Specialty AOM, GCHB De Vel Judgement Day PT, CA, RATN, TKN, CGCA, HOF (“Ruger”)


CH Element’s Red Hot PT, JHD, CGC (“Hottie”)

Born: 11/11/2017

2 boys, 4 girls

Both parents are sensible, biddable dogs. I’m expecting some excellent herding and farm dogs from this combo. There are several Herding CH, Dual CH, and Triple CH dogs in this pedigree. While Malinois are used for many purposes, there are only a few breeders breeding specifically for herding lines. 

Group Placing, CH Element’s Dragon Ice at Creekside BN, CD, RN, PT, DJ, CGCA, CGCU, TKI “Drogon”

Herding HIT, ABMC National Specialty Herding RHIT and High Combined, Dual CH Element’s Night Watch at Turick HXAsd, CA, BCAT, ROM I, ABMC Herding HOF “Kava”

BOSS, CH Element’s Fight Like a Girl CGC, TKN, ATT, VSWB, FDC “Arya”

NASDA MULCH Element’s A Dream of Spring Aka Rain DCAT, FDC, RATS, TL-IX, TL-IIX2, UL-IX, UL-IIX3, LI-I, SD-I, TB-I, VLB, SVB, AKC pt’d “Rain”

Multiple Group Placing, Multiple BOSS, National Specialty AOM, Westminster BOS, NOHS Bronze, GCH Element’s Exploding Wildfire at Sundown CD, BN, RN, HSAs, HSCs, HSDs, ACT1, FSXS, CGCA, CGCU, TKA, RATI, CTL-1F/H, PKQT1-COVID, PKD-T, PMC-VCH “Twyla”

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