Retro Litter

National & Regional BISS, Nat’l Select, Multiple BOSS, Group Placing, NOHS Bronze, Herding HIT, GCHB Esprit’s Deja Vu at Endeavor RATN, HSAd, HSAsM, HTAD I-s, TT (“Encore”)


Multiple Group Placing, Multiple BOSS, National Specialty AOM, Westminster BOS, NOHS Bronze, GCH Element’s Exploding Wildfire at Sundown CD, BN, RN, HSAs, HSCs, HSDs, ACT1, FSXS, CGCA, CGCU, TKA, RATI, CTL-1F/H, PKQT1-COVID, PKD-T, PMC-VCH (“Twyla”)

Co-bred with Mallory Eckstut

Born: 08/20/2021

4 boys, 4 girls

Element’s Neon Noir PT, CGC, TKN, VHMA, VSWB, AKC pt’d “Neon”

Element’s Blinded Me With Science PT, CGC, TKN, VHMA, VSWB, AKC pt’d “Helix”

3x UKC BIS, AKC BOSS, AKC/UKC CH Element’s Sweet Dreams Are Made of This @ Endeavor “Annie”

Element’s Romancing the Stone at Foxleigh BN, CD, RA, SWN, SCA, SEA, SIA, RATI, RATS “Jewel”

Element’s Rocket Man “Rocket”

Element’s Dont Stop Believing FDC “Noah”

Element’s Another One Bites The Dust “Shelby”

Element’s Reflex Blue Valkyrie “Valkyrie”

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