Western Litter

Group Winning, BISS, OHBIS, National Specialty AOM, GCHB De Vel Judgement Day PT, CA, RATN, TKN, CGCA, HOF (“Ruger”)


CH Element’s Practically Perfect (“Daenerys”)

Co-bred with Lisa McClelland

Born: 12/01/2019

1 boy, 6 girls

Element’s Rhinestone Cowgirl BN, RN, SCN, SIN, CGC, TKN, ORT, PN, URO-I, HCT, NW1, CCSS-L1, AKC pt’d “Diamond”

CH Element’s My Darling Clementine FDC, RATN, CGCA, CGCU, TKA, SD-1, UL-II, TL-II “Debney”

Int/AKC CH Element’s Outlaw Josey Wales FDC, RATO, CGCA, CGCU, TKA, UL-I, TL-II, SD-I, LI-I “Josey”

CH Element’s Don’t Feed the Fysh at Cinotara RATN, CGC, TKN “Pira”

CH Element’s Little Sure Shot FDC, CGC, TKN “Oakley”

Element’s The Gunslinger CGC, TKN, FDC “Rhys”

Element’s Fell Off the Wagon SCN, SIN, RATN, AKC pt’d “Rona”

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