Fire Litter

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Apache Van Balderlo                    X      Baiservole van Balderlo

I imported Baise in Whelp to Apache in 2006. I got some fantastic work Ethic and focus in this litter. They mostly are one person dogs; completely in love with their families, strangers not so much. Out of the OFA results from this litter, there were 1 excellent, 1 good and 1 fair, there is one Male with thyroid issues.


Element’s Trew Ring of Fire, RA, OB1, BH, TT,CGC,
Call Name: June
11-19-06 – 12-24-09


Element’s Trew God Of Fire,CDX, RE, BH, FM, TFFC, CGC, HiC,
Call Name: Loki
Owned By Dawn Kovell, Marin CA


Element’s Trew Kiss of Fire
Call Name :Wuzzy
Much Spoiled pet, Grass valley Ca


Element’s Trew Four Alarm Fire, SAR
Call Name : Blaze
Owned/worked By Nevada K9


Element’s Trew Cause of Fire, SAR, Cadaver Dog
Call Name: Bosco
Owned/Worked by Nevada K9
11-09-06- 07-19-13 Cancer
Miss you Buddy


Element’s All Fired Up
Call Name: Angel
11-09-06 – 05-04-11 Hit by car

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