CH Element’s Red Hot PT, JRD, CGC


Hottie was my Pick Bitch in my Red Litter. She was an incredibly goofy stable girl that I used as my chore dog on all of our livestock at Barking Bird Farms.

Temperament: Hottie was a very forward girl that was extremely social in public, while protective of the house and car.  She adored my cats and frequently curled up with one to sleep. She did not react to small dogs or other small animals, ever. She took after her mother Brook and was a wonderful house dog. She was completely solid around livestock: including chickens. Hottie adored children, and easily had the temperament to be a service dog.

Structure: Hottie was 24″ and 55 pounds. Square construction, a little long in loin. Moderate bone. Coat was red with a slight overlay, a correct double coat.

Working Ability: Hottie was my herding nut, she just adored it. She started whining before we got to practice in excitement. At home, she was so calm and steady around our livestock. Although it took her a while to mature and settle into work, she was able to give huge outruns and work large flocks with no issues. She was also comfortable working in pens as well as holding un-dog broke/ aggressive stock. She was very food motivated, and trained by Operant Conditioning.

My life changed a lot in her life time and she changed along with it. We went from the city and doing agility to buying a farm in rural Nevada. She always enjoyed herding but once she got to do it full time that’s really what she excelled at. She became my right hand dog, always up for chores. Tough as nails for rams and cattle, gentle and sweet for newborn lambs. She always wanted to clean their ears. Her two litters have her silly and goofy temperament, and I see so much of her in her kids.

I lost her way too early, we still had a lot of stuff to do.

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