CH. Vanrusselhof Walkabout, RN, HT, BN, CGC

                                  Sadly we lost Mojo in Feb 2020.  RIP buddy, you were a good dog

Mojo” Comes from Vanrusselhof Kennels in Australia. Many Thanks to Amanda for letting the little(big) man come over! Mojo has a very exciting pedigree for me, he is a 1/2 brother to Cami, through AUST/DKBR/DK CH Bryan Vom Haus Mecki IPO3 SchH3 and his mom, AUS ICH. Belgenbeau Be Zed Zara is a littermate to Cami’s Mother.Currently in training for Obedience, he starts agility in August of 2010. Tracking, Herding and Obedience will be my main goals with Mojo. Mojo finished his Ch under Skip Stanbridge, Breeder Judge.

Structure: Mojo stands 26 ” at the shoulder, so the top of the standard. Large Bone. Beautiful front and rear. Slightly long in the back, beautiful moving dog. Parallel Planes. Overall a lovely pleasing male.

Temperament: Absolutely stable. Adores children including toddlers. Can be a bit much with Cats & excitable with livestock. Dominant with other intact male dogs. High prey and pack drive. Extremely respectful of this handler,

Working ability: Toy and prey motivated. Adores obedience work, can handle repetitious work . Works greatly for praise. Very into his handler. Calm on the sleeve, no thrashing. Intense with the decoy with defense work. Intense tracking dog, deep nose.

Mojo Litters

2010 ” Beer” litter with Brook

2011 SAR litter at Ravenshadow Malinois.

                                                 “Vices” Litter with Hottie

image image image image

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