O’ Neill X Cami
I am thrilled to have an O’Neill son to herd with . What can I say about my siddy boy, he is such a special dog for me . I see such a blending of his parents, he has O’neills herding talent, with Cami’s over the top enthusiastic view of life. Stable and just a really great dog to be around. High prey drive in other work, but a kindness to stock. Toy motivated like his mom. Great around small dogs and cats.

Structure: Square construction. 25 at the shoulder, 68 lbs. Full dentition. Rich mahogany color with a very dense texture. Very weather resistant coat. Medium/heavy bone. Very typical male.


Temperment: Very forward to people and dogs. Pushy in your face kinda dog. Loves, loves his people. Can take a correction & is respectful of his handler. Most of the time a voice correction is all that is needed. Problem solver, likes to figure out things. I would best describe this boy as intense, motivated & a good dog.


Sid is CERF clear, OFA Good, Normal Elbows. Cardiac Clear

He has produced three litters with other kennels, including one litter with MACH GCH. Elements Windy Belle, MX, MXJ.

At 13 years old 3/1/2023 ❤️

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